Cloud Services

Constellation Media takes full advantage of the flexibility of cloud-based services to ensure the most flexible, reliable service.  We run our entire operation across multiple cloud providers, to ensure maximum uptime for our clients, and accessibility for our technicians.

If you have existing services that you would like to migrate to the cloud, but lack the expertise to run a cloud environment, we can help.  We will provision and maintain the cloud layer for you, providing Linux or Windows servers where you can continue to run your existing websites, applications, or other online services.


If you are expecting your requirements to grow over time, it is a simple matter for us to upgrade your cloud backend as needed.  And if your requirements vary from day to day, we can respond fast enough to ensure that you always have as much computing power as you need, when you need it.  When your requirements drop, we dial the servers back so that you don’t have to pay for anything you’re not using.


We tailor our solutions individually, balancing technical requirements against cost.  If you would like us to quote a price for your needs, please send us a mail and we will present a solution for your consideration.  As with all our infrastructure services, we charge on a monthly basis, starting from the day the service goes live.