Social Media Training

Corporate Responsibility in Social Media Workshop

Corporate Responsibility in Social Media is a workshop designed for company staff. At its core, it has been developed to educate your staff members about the pitfalls of irresponsible online posting. It focuses on legal ramifications, privacy settings and personal reputation management. By empowering staff members to better manage their own online communications, a company can significantly reduce the risk of an overall public relations disaster.

With the growth of personal online media, and social media in particular in the last 10 years, everybody has a voice and opinion. Also, everybody is at liberty to air these thoughts, views, and affiliations to the world in general. Although this is a wonderful step forward for individuality and overall human communication, it comes with a price. Now, more than ever, reputation management and association with individuals has become paramount.
LinkedIn, Business social media profiles and similar corporate PR efforts now encourage their staff to link to, and “like” their marketing campaigns online. This builds a valuable network of staff and customers, and streamlines PR. But it leaves the company vulnerable to litigation. When individuals express provocative, or inflammatory material online, their employers are automatically associated with that individual’s position

By empowering and inspiring your staff to think and talk about reputation management for themselves and your company, you open the door to partnering with them. When they are inspired to become a part of your company’s reputation, the networking and communication possibilities are infinite.